Who Can Wear Contacts?

Some Practices offer you only the easy options in contact lenses.
If your case isn’t easy, you’ll be told you “can’t wear” contacts

We are different


At Lifetime Vision Care, we find that many contact lens cases are really not that easy. It takes hard work, know-how and diligent follow-up care to assure the right combination for each individual. Different eyes have different needs. You might want disposable lenses or require soft astigmatic lenses, or soft hyper-permeable lenses. Perhaps you require rigid gas-permeable designs.


We find that the largest single source of failure in contact lenses is that patients simply give up, believing there are no other options – This isn’t true!

We encourage all our contact lens patients to work with us to succeed!

When we work together we have a much greater chance to resolve any issue that might be keeping you from achieving your goal. Our practice helps new contact lens patients to achieve success every day. We welcome you to be among them.