Medical Services

We provide detailed medical diagnostic services
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Our patients are tested for:

  • blepharitis
  • conjunctivitis
  • dry eye syndrome
  • lid and lacrimal system malfunction
  • iritis and anterior chamber disorders
  • glaucoma
  • corneal disorders
  • cataracts
  • uveitis and vitreous humor disorders
  • retinal disease and macular degeneration
  • optic nerve disease
  • neurological disorders and field loss
  • skin cancer and hypertension

Most patients will receive dilation of the pupils for examination of the retina and optic nerve. If you are concerned about driving afterwards, please be aware that most patients experience no problem with this, but if you are unsure, it is always best to have another driver accompany you. We also offer Optos Рretinal imaging technology Рwhich avoids the need to dilate pupils.

We provide primary eye care services, medical diagnostic services and treat medical eye problems. We have strong working relationships with surgical providers for our patients who require surgical treatments.

We operate a private patient office and a mobile nursing home vision care service. We serve patients of all ages.